Affiliate Marketing Supercharged

Unlock the revenue potential of your clicks and invest in your business with our AI-powered, performance-driven affiliate management software. Build servers, optimize landing pages, and customize analytics -- all in once place.

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KowboyKit Making Money

What is KowboyKit?

Team Management

Simplify Workflows

Analyze Performance

Optimize Results

Team Management

Rest assured you have total control over what team members can access and when.

Cutting-Edge Campaign Tools

Elevate and optimize your campaigns with the power of AI. Seamlessly manage your landers and offers. It's time to bring your campaign management to new heights with our game-changing toolset!

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AI-powered Automation

Boost your campaigns with AI-driven Offer Rotation, A/B testing, and Cap Detection.

Lander & Offer Management

Edit and scrape landers, and unlock uncapped offer potential

Traffic Segmentation

Target specific campaigns to custom demographic definitions for better results.

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

KowboyKit provides unparalleled control of your media buyers and their unique roles within your team.

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Custom Analytics Dashboard

Access vital data at a glance with our customized analytics dashboard.

In-depth Reports

Dig deeper with XD Drilldown Reports, Custom Data Slicing, and Geo-reporting.

Media Buyer Performance

Optimize results with individual group member reports and KowboyKit filtering.

Team Governance

KowboyKit provides unparalleled control of your media buyers and their unique roles within your team.

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Data Access

Select which campaigns, servers, or landers each member can access.

Feature Access

Choose the features team members can access for the resources they own.

Network & Offer Catalog

Maintain the networks and offers your media group can promote.

Take Control of Your Media Buyers

KowboyKit allows you to model your team as it exists in the real world.

Limit access to data via campaign, lander, or server assignment. Allow more proficient team members the ability to provision entities of your choosing. Optionally accommodate spend tracking to gain further insight into your team performance or utilize our custom media buyer payout system to automate your internal processes even further!

Opt-in Spends Tracking

Maintain the costs associated with each campaign.

Custom Payout Configuration

Automate your media buyer payouts based on their individual contributions.

Seamless Integrations & Server Management

KowboyKit provides unparalleled control of your media buyers and their unique roles within your team.

Custom Alerts & Notifications

Stay informed with Email & SMS notifications.

3rd Party Providers

Connect with a wide range of network and registrar providers.

One-Click Server Builder

Deploy servers in a snap with our one-click server builder.

Kowboykit enables hassle-free deployments through automating and integrating with your preferred hosting provider. Our server builder manages SSH Keys & domains in order to simplify your security infrastructure.

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Global Network Pixel

Enhance tracking with our proprietary Global Network Pixel technology.

Unbeatable Reliability & Support

Lander Protection

Safeguard your landers with clickjacking prevention technology.

Dedicated Customer Support

Access our comprehensive resources available in KowboyKit's knowledge base, FAQs, and video walkthroughs.

Enjoy round-the-clock support and system status reporting thanks to our 24/7 monitoring policy. You will also receive personalized assistance and onboarding from one of our dedicated account managers.

Click Retention

Trust KowboyKit for top-notch click-shaving prevention and data verification.

Server Monitoring

Keep your campaigns running smoothly with uptime checks and automatic restarts.